Voting Recommendations
2006 Arizona Constitutional and Initiative Petitions

Progressive Christian Voice

Number Vote Recommendation Reason Brief Proposition Statement
100 NO This proposal targets illegal immigrants with a blanket denial of bail. Certainly a violation of the spirit of the U.S. Constitution. Eliminates bail for certain classes of criminals
101 NO Removes control from local governments. Ad valorem tax rate may not change more than 2% per year.
102 NO This proposal is in direct violation of the spirit of the U.S. Declaration of Independence where "All men are created equal." Targets illegal immigrants Illegal immigrants may not be awarded punitive damages by a state court.
103 NO In practical terms, this proposal does almost nothing. It is another mean-spirited attack on Spanish speaking immigrants. English will be the official language of Arizona
104 NO Removes financial control from local governments Places limits on debt incurred by municipalities.
105 NO Extremely complicated, very pro-development, anti-conservation. Change the rules for the use and disposal of Arizona Trust Land.
106 YES The proposal seems to be pro-conservation. It also empowers the local communities to control development. Supported by the mayors of Arizona's largest cities. Permanently sets aside some Arizona Trust Land for conservation. Involves local communities in planning use of Trust land and enables local communities to regulate usage.
107 NO Deceptively called the "Protect Marriage Amendment". Written by Fundamentalist Christian Center for Arizona Policy (CAP). For unmarried couples it can eliminate insurance benefits and domestic violence protections. It limits hospital visitation and medical decision making. Elderly couples, parents and children seriously affected. CAP attorneys have confessed the target of this proposition is unmarried heterosexuals even though it is widely believed to be anti-gay only. There are lots of bad propositions this year but this one is vile. Eliminates legal protections, rights and privileges for unmarried domestic partners.
200 NO   Gives $1,000,000 to a randomly chosen Arizona voter.
201 YES An obvious improvement. Supported by the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association and American Heart Association. Increases restrictions on smoking in public places.
202 YES A wimpy effort but better than nothing. Raises Arizona minimum wage to $6.75
203 YES   Enhanced funding for early education.
204 YES   Humane treatment for farm animals.
205 NO This initiative is intended to increase voter participation but introduces a strong and unacceptable bias into the voting process. It strongly favors voters with a long term stable residence and makes voting very difficult for those who do not have a stable residence. Most adversely affected are the poor and voters who have recently changed residence and have not updated their voter ID. It severely reduces the number of normal polling places. If traditional polling places were kept and mail-in ballots were also sent this would be a good proposition. As written, it is highly discriminatory. Automatic mail ballots sent to everybody.
206 NO Another deceptively named proposition. Sponsored R. J Reynolds Tobacco Company, who does not have the safety and welfare of Arizona citizens in mind. Does not allow communities to create stricter smoking prohibitions. Would repeal some stricter Flagstaff laws. Allows smoking in some places where currently prohibited.
207 NO Deceptivly named "Private Property Protection Act". Although governments have not always exercised good judgment in property acquisition and disposition, this proposal is excessive in attempting to correct the problem. Most importantly, it requires government to reimburse property owners for potential loss of income when enacting laws. Hence, the proposal can limit zoning, and prevent necessary regulation of property ownership and usage. In worst case, imagine your house surrounded by a shooting range, a strip club, and an oil refinery. Extremely dangerous. Limits the ability of government to acquire and regulate private property.
300 NO Another discriminatory law that specifically excludes illegal immigrants. Establishes a family literacy program to educate parents and preschool children
301 NO And yet another discriminatory law designed to harass illegal immigrants. A measure relating to probation for methamphetamine offenses.
302 NO If the preceding proposals created by Arizona legislature are an indication, legislators should have a salary decrease rather than an increase. However, we live in hope. By providing a minimal wage, possibly we can entice a wider group of citizens to run for office. Raise salary of Arizona legislators.