Deidre A. Hunter

Astronomer, Lowell Observatory

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The color picture shown here is of Sextans A = DDO 75, a tiny irregular galaxy. This combination of UBV images was made by Howard Bond for the cover of PASP from images taken by D. Hunter at the 0.9 m at CTIO. See 1997, PASP, 109, 937 for a review of star formation in irregulars.

LARI Target List, May 30, 2017

Paper presenting the LITTLE THINGS Atomic Hydrogen data

Figures 13-90, showing the images

A montage of the LITTLE THINGS galaxies to the same relative scale

A Survey of Dwarf Galaxies

Over the past 15 years, we have conducted a multi-wavelength survey of a large sample of galaxies without spiral arms for the purposes of understanding how tiny galaxies form stars. The sample includes 94 dwarf irregular (dIm), 24 Blue Compact Dwarfs (BCD), and 18 Sm galaxies. The data are available: UBVJHK images, color maps (one filter image divided by another); and surface brightness plots. Halpha images are available via NED.

References for published datasets: Halpha images (Hunter & Elmegreen 2004); UBVJHK images (Hunter & Elmegreen 2006); Spitzer IRAC images (Hunter, Elmegreen, & Martin 2006); Spitzer IRS spectra (Hunter & Kaufman 2007, AJ, September); individual HI studies (Hunter, Elmegreen, & van Woerden 2001; Simpson, Hunter, & Knezek 2005; Simpson, Hunter, & Nordgren 2005; Kepley, Wilcots, Hunter, & Nordgren 2007).

We have put the UBV images together into color pictures of a selected sub-sample of galaxies.

A Catalog of Star Clusters in the LMC and SMC

Here is the catalog of 939 star clusters in the LMC and SMC studied by Hunter & Elmegreen 2003: LMC/SMC Star Cluster Catalog. "CL" is the cluster confidence: 0=good, 1=probable, 2=questionable as a cluster. M_V(10Myr) is the cluster M_V at 10 Myrs. Individual cluster ages should not be taken as highly precise.

N6822-NA-MOM0.fits N6822-NA-MOM0_R.fits N6822-NA-MOM1.fits N6822-NA-MOM1_R.fits N6822_NA_cube.fits

E-mail: dah at lowell dot edu

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