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Dary was born in Paipa-Boyaca, a beautiful small town located in Colombia. She has been an observational 'astrophysicist' whose research has included work on young low-mass stars and circumstellar disks. Currently she is researcher at Lowell Observatory under the guidance of Dr. Lisa Prato. Her most significant research result is the detection of two secondary components of a couple of young single-lined spectroscopic binary systems, with the highest projected velocities measured to date.

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1400 West Mars Hill Road
Flagstaff, AZ 86001


Dary likes:

To walk a lot!, know new places, travel around the world, listen to music, read historical books, a good talk with friends with a good drink. If you like something similar, go ahead and invite her.

Do you want to help?

Dary cares a lot about people who need help, especially children with cancer. If you wish to help and contribute with a better day for colombian children, contact her and she will give you more information. Also, you can take a look at: Fundacion Alejandra Vive