Selected Publications 2012 and Earlier

KCTF evolution of trans-neptunian binaries: Connecting formation to observation. [preprint]
Porter and Grundy 2012. Icarus 220, 947-957.

The orbit of Charon is circular. [pdf version]
Buie, Tholen, and Grundy 2012. Astron. J. 144, 15.1-19.

Ice mineralogy across and into the surfaces of Pluto, Triton, and Eris. [preprint]
Tegler, Grundy, Olkin, Young, Romanishin, Cornelison, and Khodadadkouchaki 2012. Astrophys. J. 751, 76.1-10.

Mutual events in the cold classical transneptunian binary system Sila and Nunam. [preprint]
Grundy, Benecchi, Rabinowitz, Porter, Wasserman, Skiff, Noll, Verbiscer, Buie, Tourtellotte, Stephens, and Levison 2012. Icarus 220, 74-83.

Buoyancy of ice in the CH4-N2 system.
Roe and Grundy 2012. Icarus 219, 733-736.

Physical properties of transneptunian binaries (120347) Salacia-Actaea and (42355) Typhon-Echidna.
Stansberry, Grundy, Mueller, Benecchi, Rieke, Noll, Buie, Levison, Porter, and Roe 2012. Icarus 219, 676-688.

Post-capture evolution of potentially habitable exomoons. [preprint]
Porter and Grundy 2011. Astrophys. J. Lett.. 736, L14.1-6.

Five new and three improved mutual orbits of transneptunian binaries. [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, Nimmo, Roe, Buie, Porter, Benecchi, Stephens, Levison, and Stansberry 2011. Icarus 213, 678-692.

Optical and infrared colors of transneptunian objects observed with HST. [preprint]
Benecchi, Stephens, Levison, and Stansberry 2011. Icarus 213, 693-709.

Remote sensing D/H ratios in methane ice: Temperature-dependent absorption coefficients of CH3D in nitrogen ice and in methane ice. [preprint]
Grundy, Morrison, Bovyn, Tegler, and Cornelison 2011. Icarus 212, 941-949.

Methane and nitrogen abundances on Pluto and Eris. [preprint]
Tegler, Cornelison, Grundy, Romanishin, Abernathy, Bovyn, Burt, Evans, Maleszewski, Thompson, and Vilas 2010. Astrophys. J. 725, 1296-1305.

(47171) 1999 TC36, a transneptunian triple. [preprint]
Benecchi, Noll, Grundy, and Levison 2010. Icarus 207, 978-991.

Pluto and Charon with HST II: Resolving changes on Pluto's surface and a map for Charon.
Buie, Grundy, Young, Young, and Stern 2010. Astron. J. 139, 1128-1143.

Pluto and Charon with HST I: Monitoring global change and improved surface properties from lightcurves.
Buie, Grundy, Young, Young, and Stern 2010. Astron. J. 139, 1117-1127.

Near-infrared spectral monitoring of Triton with IRTF/SpeX II: Spatial distribution and evolution of ices. [preprint]
Grundy, Young, Stansberry, Buie, Olkin, and Young 2010. Icarus 205, 594-604.

High albedos of low inclination Classical Kuiper belt objects. [preprint]
Brucker, Grundy, Stansberry, Spencer, Sheppard, Chiang, and Buie 2009. Icarus 201, 284-294.

Mutual orbits and masses of six transneptunian binaries. [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, Buie, Benecchi, Stephens, and Levison 2009. Icarus 200, 627-635.

The correlated colors of transneptunian binaries. [preprint]
Benecchi, Noll, Grundy, Buie, Stephens, and Levison 2009. Icarus 200, 292-303.

Is the missing ultra-red material colorless ice? [preprint]
Grundy 2009. Icarus 199, 560-563.

Digging into the surface of the icy dwarf planet Eris. [preprint]
Abernathy, Tegler, Grundy, Licandro, Romanishin, Cornelison, and Vilas 2009. Icarus 199, 520-525.

Surface characterization of Pluto and Charon by L and M band spectra.
Protopapa, Boehnhardt, Herbst, Cruikshank, Grundy, Merlin, and Olkin 2008. Astron. & Astrophys. 490, 365-375.

(42355) Typhon-Echidna: Scheduling observations for binary orbit determination. [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, Virtanen, Muinonen, Kern, Stephens, Stansberry, Levison, and Spencer 2008. Icarus 197, 260-268.

Evidence of N2-ice on the surface of the icy dwarf planet 136472 (2005 FY9) [preprint]
Tegler, Grundy, Vilas, Romanishin, Cornelison, and Consolmagno, 2008. Icarus 195, 844-850.

Masses of Nix and Hydra. [preprint]
Tholen, Buie, Grundy, and Elliott 2008. Astron. J. 135, 777-784.

Evidence for two populations of classical transneptunian objects: The strong inclination dependence of classical binaries. [preprint]
Noll, Grundy, Stephens, Levison, and Kern 2008. Icarus 194, 758-768.

Binaries in the Kuiper belt. [preprint]
Noll, Grundy, Chiang, Margot, and Kern 2008. In The Solar System Beyond Neptune, Univ. of Arizona Press, Tucson, pp. 345-363.

Physical properties of Kuiper belt objects and Centaurs: Spitzer Space Telescope constraints. [preprint]
Stansberry, Grundy, Brown, Cruikshank, Spencer, Trilling, and Margot 2008. In The Solar System Beyond Neptune, Univ. of Arizona Press, Tucson, pp. 161-179.

The orbit, mass, size, albedo, and density of (65489) Ceto-Phorcys: A tidally-evolved binary Centaur. [preprint]
Grundy, Stansberry, Noll, Stephens, Trilling, Kern, Spencer, Cruikshank, and Levison 2007. Icarus 191, 286-297.

New Horizons mapping of Europa and Ganymede.
Grundy, Buratti, Cheng, Emery, Lunsford, McKinnon, Moore, Newman, Olkin, Reuter, Schenk, Spencer, Stern, Throop, Weaver, and the New Horizons team 2007. Science 318, 234-237.

Optical spectroscopy of the large Kuiper belt objects 136472 (2005 FYi9) and 136108 (2003 EL61).
Tegler, Grundy, Romanishin, Consolmagno, Mogren, and Vilas 2007. Astron. J. 133, 526-530.

Pluto's spectrum from 1.0 to 4.2 μm: Implications for surface properties.
Olkin, Young, Young, Grundy, Schmitt, Tokunaga, Owen, Roush, and Terada 2007. Astron. J. 133, 420-431.

A brief history of trans-neptunian space. [preprint]
Chiang, Lithwick, Murray-Clay, Buie, Grundy, and Holman 2007. In Protostars and Planets V Eds. Reipurth, Jewitt, and Keil, Univ. of Arizona Press, 895-911.

Physical properties of trans-neptunian objects.
Cruikshank, Barucci, Emery, Fernández, Grundy, Noll, and Stansberry 2007. In Protostars and Planets V Eds. Reipurth, Jewitt, and Keil, Univ. of Arizona Press, 879-893.

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