Selected Recent Publications

The Pluto system after New Horizons
Stern, Moore, Grundy, Young, and Binzel (Eds.) 2021. University of Arizona Press Space Science series ISBN 9780816540945.

Binary planetesimal formation from gravitationally collapsing pebble clouds
Nesvorný, Li, Simon, Youdin, Richardson, Marschall, and Grundy 2021. Planetary Sci. J. 2, 27.

The Eris/Dysnomia system I: The orbit of Dysnomia [preprint]
Holler, Grundy, Buie, and Noll 2021. Icarus 355, 114130.

Equatorial mountains on Pluto are covered by methane frosts resulting from a unique atmospheric process
Bertrand, Forget, Schmitt, White, and Grundy 2020. Nature Communications 11, 5056.

Organic components of small bodies in the outer solar system: Some results of the New Horizons mission
Cruikshank, Pendleton, and Grundy 2020. Life 10, 126.

Very slow rotators from tidally synchronized binaries [preprint]
Nesvorný, Vokrouhlický, Bottke, Levison, and Grundy 2020. Astrophys. J. Lett. 893, L16.

Color, composition, and thermal environment of Kuiper belt object (486958) Arrokoth [preprint]
Grundy, Bird, Britt, Cook, Cruikshank, Howett, Krijt, Linscott, Olkin, Parker, Protopapa, Ruaud, Umurhan, Young, Dalle Ore, Kavelaars, Keane, Pendleton, Porter, Scipioni, Spencer, Stern, Verbiscer, Weaver, Binzel, Buie, Buratti, Cheng, Earle, Elliott, Gabasova, Gladstone, Hill, Horanyi, Jennings, Lunsford, McComas, McKinnon, McNutt Jr., Moore, Parker, Quirico, Reuter, Schenk, Schmitt, Showalter, Singer, Weigle II, Zangari 2020. Science 367, 999 DOI:10.1126/science.aay3705.

The complex rotational light curve of (385446) Manwë-Thorondor, a multi-component eclipsing system in the Kuiper belt [preprint]
Rabinowitz, Benecci, Grundy, Verbiscer, and Thirouin 2020. Astron. J. 159, 27.

Pluto and Charon as templates for other large transneptunian objects [preprint]
Grundy 2020. Chapter in The Trans-Neptunian Solar System Eds. Prialnik, Barucci, and Young. Elsevier, pp. 291-305.

Transneptunian binaries (2018) [preprint]
Noll, Grundy, Nesvorný, and Thirouin 2020. Chapter in The Trans-Neptunian Solar System Eds. Prialnik, Barucci, and Young. Elsevier, pp. 205-224.

Mutual orbit orientations of transneptunian binaries [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, Roe, Buie, Porter, Parker, Nesvorný, Levison, Benecchi, Stephens, and Trujillo 2019. Icarus 334, 62-78.

The mutual orbit, mass, and density of transneptunian binary Gǃkúnǁ'hòmdímà (229762 2007 UK126) [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, Buie, Benecchi, Ragozzine, and Roe 2019. Icarus 334, 30-38.

The mass and density of the dwarf planet (225088) 2007 OR10 [preprint]
Kiss, Marton, Parker, Grundy, Farkas-Takács, Stansberry, Pál, Müller, Noll, Schwamb, Barr, Young, and Vinkó 2019. Icarus 334, 3-10.

Prebiotic chemistry of Pluto
Cruikshank, Materese, Pendleton, Boston, Grundy, Schmitt, Lisse, Runyon, Keane, Beyer, Summers, Scipioni, Stern, Dalle Ore, Olkin, Young, Ennico, Weaver, and Bray 2019. Astrobiology 19, 831-848.

Trans-neptunian binaries as evidence for planetesimal formation by the streaming instability [preprint]
Nesvorný, Li, Youdin, Simon, and Grundy 2019. Nature Astronomy 3, 808-812.

The distribution of H2O, CH3OH, and hydrocarbon-ices on Pluto: Analysis of New Horizons spectral images
Cook, Dalle Ore, Protopapa, Binzel, Cruikshank, Earle, Grundy, Ennico, Howett, Jennings, Lunsford, Olkin, Parker, Philippe, Reuter, Schmitt, Singer, Stansberry, Stern, Verbiscer, Weaver, Young, Hanley, Alketbi, Thompson, Pearce, Lindberg, and Tegler 2019. Icarus 331, 148-169.

Impact craters on Pluto and Charon indicate a deficit of small Kuiper belt objects [preprint]
Singer, McKinnon, Gladman, Greenstreet, Bierhaus, Stern, Parker, Robbins, Schenk, Grundy, Bray, Beyer, Binzel, Weaver, Young, Spencer, Kavelaars, Moore, Zangari, Olkin, Lauer, Lisse, and Ennico 2019. Science 363, 955-959.

The Pluto-Charon System
Grundy 2019. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Planetary Science DOI:10.1093/acrefore/9780190647926.013.35.

Composition of Pluto's small satellites: Analysis of New Horizons spectral images.
Cook, Dalle Ore, Protopapa, Binzel, Cartwright, Cruikshank, Earle, Grundy, Ennico, Howett, Jennings, Lunsford, Olkin, Parker, Philippe, Reuter, Schmitt, Stansberry, Stern, Verbiscer, Weaver, and Young 2018. Icarus 315, 30-45.

Pluto's haze as a surface material [preprint]
Grundy, Bertrand, Binzel, Buie, Buratti, Cheng, Cook, Cruikshank, Devins, Dalle Ore, Earle, Ennico, Forget, Gao, Gladstone, Howett, Jennings, Kammer, Lauer, Linscott, Lisse, Lunsford, McKinnon, Olkin, Parker, Protopapa, Quirico, Reuter, Schmitt, Singer, Spencer, Stern, Strobel, Summers, Weaver, Weigle II, Wong, Young, Young, and Zhang 2018. Icarus 314, 232-245.

Dunes on Pluto
Telfer, Parteli, Radebaugh, Beyer, Bertrand, Forget, Nimmo, Grundy, Moore, Stern, Spencer, Lauer, Earle, Binzel, Weaver, Olkin, Young, Ennico, Runyon, and the New Horizons Geology, Geophysics, and Imaging Science Theme Team 2018. Science 360, 992-992.

The upcoming mutual events season for the Patroclus - Menoetius Trojan binary [preprint]
Grundy, Noll, Buie, and Levison 2018. Icarus 305, 198-202.

Pluto's global surface composition through pixel-by-pixel Hapke modeling of New Horizons Ralph/LEISA data
Protopapa, Grundy, Reuter, Hamilton, Dalle Ore, Cook, Cruikshank, Schmitt, Philippe, Quirico, Binzel, Earle, Ennico, Howett, Lunsford, Olkin, Parker, Singer, Stern, Verbiscer, Weaver, Young, and the New Horizons Science Team 2017. Icarus 287, 218-228.

Physical state and distribution of materials at the surface of Pluto from New Horizons LEISA imaging spectrometer
Schmitt, Philippe, Grundy, Reuter, Côte, Quirico, Protopapa, Young, Binzel, Cook, Cruikshank, Dalle Ore, Earle, Ennico, Howett, Jennings, Linscott, Lunsford, Olkin, Parker, Parker, Singer, Spencer, Stansberry, Stern, Tsang, Verbiscer, Weaver, and the New Horizons Science Team 2017. Icarus 287, 229-260.

Formation of Charon's red poles from seasonally cold-trapped volatiles [preprint]
Grundy, Cruikshank, Gladstone, Howett, Lauer, Spencer, Summers, Buie, Earle, Ennico, Parker, Porter, Singer, Stern, Verbiscer, Beyer, Binzel, Buratti, Cook, Dalle Ore, Olkin, Parker, Protopapa, Quirico, Retherford, Robbins, Schmitt, Stansberry, Umurhan, Weaver, Young, Zangari, Bray, Cheng, McKinnon, McNutt Jr, Moore, Nimmo, Reuter, Schenk & the New Horizons Science Team 2016. Nature 539, 65-69.

Discovery of a Makemakean moon [preprint]
Parker, Buie, Grundy, and Noll 2016. Astrophys. J. Lett. 825, L9.

Surface compositions across Pluto and Charon [preprint]
Grundy, Binzel, Buratti, Cook, Cruikshank, Dalle Ore, Earle, Ennico, Howett, Lunsford, Olkin, Parker, Philippe, Protopapa, Quirico, Reuter, Schmitt, Singer, Verbiscer, Beyer, Buie, Cheng, Jennings, Linscott, Parker, Schenk, Spencer, Stansberry, Stern, Throop, Tsang, Weaver, Weigle II, Young, and the New Horizons Science Team 2016. Science 351, 1283.

The mutual orbit, mass, and density of the large transneptunian binary system Varda and Ilmarë [preprint]
Grundy, Porter, Benecchi, Roe, Noll, Trujillo, Thirouin, Stansberry, Barker, and Levison 2015. Icarus 257, 130-138.

Absorption coefficients of the methane-nitrogen binary ice system: Implications for Pluto. [preprint]
Protopapa, Grundy, Tegler, and Bergonio 2015. Icarus 253, 179-188.

Ejecta transfer in the Pluto system. [preprint]
Porter and Grundy 2015. Icarus 246, 360-368.

The orbit of transneptunian binary Manwë and Thorondor and their upcoming mutual events. [preprint]
Grundy, Benecchi, Porter, and Noll 2014. Icarus 237, 1-8.

The rotational lightcurve of (79360) Sila-Nunam, an eclipsing binary in the Kuiper belt. [preprint]
Rabinowitz, Benecchi, Grundy, and Verbiscer 2014. Icarus 236, 72-82.

Near-Infrared Spectral Monitoring of Pluto's Ices II: Recent Decline of CO and N2 Ice Absorptions. [preprint]
Grundy, Olkin, Young, and Holler 2014. Icarus 235, 220-224.

The UT 7/8 February 2013 Sila-Nunam mutual event & future predictions. [pdf version]
Benecchi, Noll, Thirouin, Ryan, Grundy, Verbiscer, Doressoundiram, Hestroffer, Beaton, Rabinowitz, and Chanover 2014. Icarus 229, 423-427.

Astrometry and orbits of Nix, Kerberos, and Hydra [pdf version]
Buie, Grundy, and Tholen 2013. Astron. J. 146, 152.

Near-Infrared Spectral Monitoring of Pluto's Ices: Spatial Distribution and Secular Evolution. [preprint]
Grundy, Olkin, Young, Buie, and Young 2013. Icarus 223, 710-721.

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