Useful things for astronomer partners

Program Brochure

Designed by Kevin, March 2009: Brochure (pdf)


Current version of the Navajo-Hopi Astronomy Outreach Program Logistics Manual: manual_2014.pdf

Here are the contents of the manual:

Summary of Program

2015-2016 school year: summary15.pdf

2014-2015 school year: summary14.pdf

2013-2014 school year: summary13.pdf

2012-2013 school year: summary12.pdf

2011-2012 school year: summary11.pdf

2010-2011 school year: summary10.pdf

2009-2010 school year: summary09.pdf

2008-2009 school year: summary08.pdf

Final reports for funding agencies

2014-15 school year: report_14.pdf

2013-14 school year: report_13.pdf

2012-13 school year: report_12.pdf

2011-12 school year: report_11.pdf

2010-11 school year: report10.doc

2009-10 school year: report09.doc

2008-09 school year: report08.doc

2007-08 school year: report07.doc

2006-07 school year: report06.doc (from final SST E/PO report)

2005-06 school year: report05.doc (from final SST E/PO report)

2004-05 school year: report04.pdf (from final report to America West)

2003-04 school year: (progress report to Edwards Foundation)

2002-03 school year: (progress report to Edwards Foundation)

Evaluation of our program

Here are the questionnaires for the 2012-2013 school year evaluation: Request at the end of the year for feedback: feedback_teachers_post.doc

Dr. Castagno's reports:

Dr. Angelina Castagno's plan for on-going evaluation (May 2009):

Dr. Denice Hood's report for 2004-2008:

Dr. Denice Hood's report for 1996-2004:

Arizona State Standards (old)

Common Core Standards (new - 2015)

Universe in a Box

Suggestions to make your partnership as effective as possible

Notes from meeting 31 July 2008 with Susan Holiday

From teachers:

From us:

Workshops for Teachers

Notes following the 2010 workshop on how to do it better next time: notes_after2010workshop.txt

Anderson Mesa field trip

Here is a basic description of the typical field trip: description.pdf

Making arrangements:

For out at the Mesa:


Map of Lowell campus


Deidre's notes on past activities and favorite activitiers.

Most of the following activities have the following components:

It is best to place all of the materials for an activity in a clear plastic box. Teachers aren't likely to re-do an activity in subsequent years if it is not clearly organized for them. I include in the box a copy folder containing a copy of the activity (even if it comes from The Universe at Your Fingertips), a separate list of materials, a list and description of the state science standards addressed by the activity, and any pictures with labels that I use to introduce the activity.

Hands on Optics

Venus Topography Boxes (C-7)


Is it Alive? (Activity 5 in Mars Activities)

Craters (E-1)

Modeling moon phases (A-3)

Solar System Bingo (C-10)

(Thank you to Amanda Bosh for the original version of this).

1000 Yard Model of the Solar System (D-7)

Solar System Sorting (loosely based on Planet Picking C-9)

Galaxy Sorting (More Universe at Your Fingertips: H-7)

Galaxy Counting (More Universe at Your Fingertips: H-8)

Shield Volcanoes (C-14)

Reasons for the Seasons Symposium (More Universe at Your Fingertips: B-11)

Comets (E3)


Astro Origami (fairly easy) from Kim

Miscellaneous from Kim

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