The workshop schedule:schedule_06.pdf

These pictures are from the workshop held for teachers at Lowell 21 October 2006. Twelve teachers from 7 schools participated. (Photos courtesy Kevin Schindler).

Solar observing.

Ms. Verna Tallsalt talks about traditional knowledge in the classroom.

Mr. David Portree talks about observing on a small budget.

Dr. Deidre Hunter talks about shapes of galaxies.

Participants classify galaxies.

Touring the 42-inch and 72-inch telescopes at Anderson Mesa.

The 72-inch Perkins Telescope dome.

Instrument on the 72-inch Perkins Telescope.

Telescope pointed at the "white spot" used for calibrating images.

Observer Dr. Karen Meech from the Institute for Astronomy in Hawaii tells the group what she is there to observe.

The 42-inch Hall Telescope dome.

The 42-inch Hall Telescope.

Observer Dr. David Schleicher of Lowell Observatory tells the group what he will be observing that night.

Dr. Henry Roe (background), new Lowell Observatory staff astronomer, is learning how to use the telescope.

The gold dewar on the back end of the telescope holds the optical camera.